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Why Mobile First is so important

Mobile First refers to the design of the website to keep the mobile view in mind so that one do not have to look upon on the desktop or laptop screens upfront. The approach has been significantly created by the Luke Wroblewski in the year 2009 when he first coined the term ‘Mobile First’ Design envisioning the explicit growth of the web. The mobile first is solely about coding for the mobility rather just optimizing the designed website for numerous screens and platforms.

In 2010 Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google Inc. reported that Google will adopt the portable first strategy and rank higher mobile friendly website. From that point forward the developers and creators have begun to give more accentuation on mobile first approach towards planning sites and applications.

Mobile Internet Usage is Increasing Every Day

The tremendous increase in the growth of the mobile usage every day, the statistics shows us the extensive online data which seems remarkable. According to the latest mobile report the following points have been stated;

  1. 45% of organic search engine visits in the USA originated from mobiles
  2. 93 million individuals utilize Facebook portable in the USA and 109 million individuals utilize the Facebook versatile application
  3. 34% of item ventures on e-commerce sites originate from cell phones
  4. They anticipate that in 2017 "more than 90 percent of web clients will get to online substance through their telephones"

Graceful Degradation -Progressive Enhancement

The notable degradation tides out for the requirement of the design function for the numerous browsers. The developers and the designer take up numerous benefit without the proper usage of the entire setups. The main motive was to serve the purpose ensuring the shortcomings defeat, the site continue responding perfectly. In case of mobile everything became smaller and smoother.

Out of this rise the advanced progressive enhancement, you can “put your best foot forward on the mobile platform, providing the users with minimal screen real estate, processing power and third party plugins an amazing experience that both looks great and functions perfectly”, along with the needs the site increased and expanded, changing course for the larger avenues with the lesser restraints.  

Why Progressive Enhancement wins?

Examining the workflow of the progressive enhancement it becomes clear that the trend has grabbed a larger market with some shining successful efforts. Like you have started a new project with some fresh energy and have gone through all the limitations, you will be able to trim down the content to a lower level. In case of designing instead of facing decision of what to cut out you can clearly water down your product to make it more robust.

Web Content: Best Served Selectively

Serving the mobile pages with more content pull down the speed of the download. With the Mobile First point of view, you will get smaller avenues or platforms for loading essentials, leading to snappier experience to avoid the unnecessary lag. The additional resources directly handle it without any difficulty.

The Responsive design is built entailing the concept of the media queries which solely target specific areas. Keeping this in mind, trying to code up your CSS given mobile perspective thereafter use the media queries to serving the additional styling selectively along with the increased size. You can straightaway take responsive design- start huge and then reduce.

Rising to the Challenge

Mobile First is undoubtedly a stronger content but the rise to the challenge of beginning any sort of project do not support any smooth designing, which brings in the idea that you have the room for growth and learn techniques. Hence, the Mobile First is mainly user centric that allows a friendly comfortable platform.


Mobile first approach will rule the future web and its effect on web crawler positioning. It is known that Mobile first web design is only for the user, the big companies like Google are taking every small approach. The sole trust that you will get motivated and plan your new site or web application by remembering mobile first approach. The greatness that the Mobile first is bringing up tot eh technology world is exceptional.

With the idea of updating innovation Hvantage Techologies Inc acquires a world class program design and arrangements with extra facilities to satisfy the necessities of the commonalities. It offers the quality and the acquainted security assured by the ISO. The key quality is to combine the custom web and mobile Application improvement and administration and diverse business arrangement. Subsequently, with the profound space abilities and skills, idealize methodologies the mechanical development on the mobile application improvement partakes a massive leap. 

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