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Tips to Prevent Software Bugs

Software bugs:How to avoid?

A software bug and its effect have a list of incidents that affected the software world vastly. The incident of 2003, when eight states in the U.S. were affected severely due to the software bug that crashed the operating systems of 256 power plants. Y2K brought another tragedy to the software world. It was a simple bug that caused the programming error wherein the four digits of the year changed to two digits only. This created problems for the various tasks that used to work on the date displaying and another record.  

The list does not get ended here. In the year 2014, Nissan automobiles were attacked at its transaction security and software bug caused a Paypal deposit of $92 Quadrillion to a single user’s account. The latest software bug had occurred in the year 2017 when WannaCry and Petya variant malware attacked the confidentiality of the database of the users in 150 countries of the world.  

This makes it a must need to safeguard your company from such software errors and bugs. On reading this, you might have threatened with the security issues in your ecommerce and online trade and want to take a secured approach to your business.

Let’s know some of the best security hacks:

1.Keep QA testing at the priority:

For every business may be a startup or an established organization, money always matters. The starting from scratch to set up a business costs much which might lead the business owners to gulp some tasks that may seem not so important to them. In the same context, some of you might think QA test is not important in the beginning rather you can have it later. If you too are thinking the same then you should think twice. The software testing in the initial phase is always beneficial as if you find any bug you can fix it timely and at an affordable cost. But once you have travelled a long journey and unfortunately you find any defect in the software it will be cost high as well as affect your brand name and trust to the customers. Here the software developers and technocrats thus suggest going with proper QA and testing.

For this, it is always recommended to work with the skilled and efficient software developer team.

2. Wear another glass to see your products:

It is quite obvious that the store owners, entrepreneurs might not see their products as the others see. They get set with the mindset for their products which hinders them to see with a different perspective. At this point, it is always urged that you should have a group discussion or session with the users and Quality Analysis team time to time. Work on the problems and feedback that you come to know from the user’s end or your development team. This discussion session can open the door for a new feature or an idea to amend to the solution.

Don’t be biased for your business and products rather accept the suggestions and feedback with grace to improvise you as a better businessman or entrepreneur.

Believe in Quality, not in quantity

Don’t count your success with the number of users or visitors to your store rather count for the satisfied customers who will be with you for a long-term.If your products are not user satisfied or the software is vulnerable to crashes then you will lose your customers soon. Don’t run to reach the quantitative figures but work with the quality services to make your users happy, satisfied giving them a reason to stick with you in the future. Implementing QA test in the beginning and working with all efforts to serve the best is the key to success. Remember, quality progress is always remarkable.  Quality always matters- from researching to hiring the employees and QA team. With this, you can avoid software bug that will unlock the doors of success for you.


It is always said. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore you should not neglect the importance of the quality assurance. The quality assurance safeguards you from the big threats that a software might have. The software testing and fixing cost more in dollars as well as it attacks your reputation. Thus working with efficient QA team from starting and detecting and fixing a software bug would be of great help.

If you don’t have an in-house QA team for your development process then you should immediately hire a technology partner as Hvantage and outsource your needs. Hvantage Technologies believes in working qualitatively work for fixing software bugs and above all build the quality software.


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