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Protect Your Website from hackers

Preventions to avoid Website Hack

At one hand the advanced technologies have made the tasks easier while on other these technologies can be vulnerable to the online attacks. As the technologies are advancing, the hackers too are using them but for the appropriate tasks.

Everyone wants a safe and secure experience whether it be any website user or website owner. The secure login and confidential credentials are always preferred. Many website users more often are attacked at their credentials security and within a moment the online account credibility gets lost out of their hand. This cause more harm to the online businessmen as all the ripen profit can be gone to the unknown( it is difficult to recognize the hackers). Nowadays with the increase in technologies and convenience to access, the website owner more suffers from the site hacking.

For instance, if you own an ecommerce site for your business and you come to know that your site has been hacked by the hacker. Then, it not only cause harm to you but also the customer’s confidentiality is at risk. This makes the customers repel off from your site as it attacks at the loyalty and trust of the customers. We cannot judge the hackers and their imagination that what will they do with the information of the customers or you.

Reasons - why a website can be hacked?

If you heard any of your friend telling that his website has been hacked you surely would have given a thought to exploring the reason for website hacking. One sure reason for hacking is that your website is not secure enough so that the hackers can access it easily. This might happen with those who underestimate the security features of website because they think that their website is scoring low and no other could be benefitted by hacking their control on the website.

The major reason for hacking is that the website itself is vulnerable to such attempts. There exist automated software that can check the vulnerability of the website. The hackers check the website on the internet and one which they find more vulnerable can easily hack it. The software exactly work as Google bot to know the complete information about your site as what your website serve for? What do you share? This all help them in their malign intentions.

With these vulnerability checking programs, the hackers can easily know the website that is exposed to security threatenings. They easily attack your website with the viruses that will affect your visitors. Once they get succeed in their intentions, they can accumulate the user’s data or your database and can use for their benefits. Worse they can clear your confidential data even clear entire database or can change your settings and approach to your customers.

How one can avoid such threatening?

  1. Avoid free pre-developed sites or systems: Free thing cannot always be useful. There are websites that offer free services or free developed those lack of security features generally. Wordpress, Joomla, Magento etc. are pre-developed systems that sometimes fail in security matter. No doubt, these pre-made systems guarantee for fast and easy access and has been proven beneficial for those who have not any experience of website development. These systems also allow the wide variety of templates and customizations for the programmers to create a better website experience makes it vulnerable to the hackers also. The open platform is open for all- programmers as well as security hackers. Don’t put your security risk just for saving few bucks of your money.

  2. Work with Uniqueness: The customers always want the new experience. Don’t think that it is only a website and you can make your business well just by customizing the pr-made website. As the free and pre-developed website are open for all, so there may be thousands of companies who might be using the same website as you. But customers don’t like the repetition rather they always explore new and unique things. For instance, there would be many people who are using Wordpress that means they all are having the same internal code. This holds correct for another website like Magento and Joomla. So, you must be creative and unique while developing the website. This would also prevent you from the hacking threads as you would create your own copyright and can implement the security features on your website for the customers.

  3. Higher an efficient web developer:  The best solution for avoiding the hacking threads is to hire an efficient web development company for developing an online website for your company. Pick the right technology partner and make them clear your business purpose and security features you need on your website. The skilled web development companies know how important the website is for you, your business and for your customers. They build the securely featured website. Again, a precaution needs to be taken here is don’t hire the inefficient web developing company just for the sake of saving few dollars, Be wise in picking the right technology partner for you.


Building a unique website is not only limited to security purpose but it also makes more chances to enhance the visibility on the search engines. Google and other search engines rank the websites on the basis of uniqueness, originality and usefulness of website for the customers. For an online business to be successful for a long-term, you need to win the trust and loyalty of the customers as we all know that customers are the king of all business.

If you too are making your business online, then, don’t take any risk with the pre-developed website with the same internal codes and same visibility factor for search engines rather go with the unique approach. We at Hvantage Technologies are efficient in developing the secure website with the latest tools that stand ahead of the pre-developed online website. We efficiently work on the WordPress, Magento and other platforms. If you have such requirement, you can rely on us completely. We assure you that we would meet your expectations.   


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