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Apple Introducing the iOS 11.3 with More Advanced Features

Apple is on the Way to launch the iOS 11.3 Laced with More Advanced Features

An enticing news for the iOS users and lovers too. Apple has hit the floor with its first beta version of iOS 11.3. This has enticed the Apple’s users strongly as Apple abode by its words of launching a beta version at the launch of iOS 11.

As the New Year is flying and its first month has ended and we are excited to welcome new months. Like time, Apple too is not seeming to rest rather it keeps on working on the advanced OS with the fascinating features that hook the users strongly. These all features of advanced iOS will surely enhance the user’s experience in accessing their iPhones and iPads.

Many Apple users had complained about the battery of their devices but from now Apple has come up with many improved features in iOS 11.3.

Let us dive into iOS 11.3 version:

Improved Augmented Reality

Apple has Arkit 1.5 to work for improved Augmented reality in its iOS 11.3. This is going to give a better experience to its users which would again help Apple to reside at the top position among its competitors.  











Apple gives trusty words on ArKit and says that ArKit has the ability to recognize the virtual objects on vertical surfaces along with recognizing the horizontal items as well as circular objects. This improved Augmented feature also increases a convenience in developing changeable shaped objects. The ArKit has the feature of combining the actual images into Augmented Reality with 2D images identification. For adding more bites to your Apple’s knowledge, let us tell you that iPhone 6S and iPad Pro series would now be compatible with ArKit 1.5.

Battery Services Check

The iOS 11.3 has come with the improved battery solutions to the iOS gadgets. It allows power and battery management and throttling that damages the battery through the prior checking for repairing and servicing.

By disabling the throttling feature of iOS 11.3 you can know the throttling condition but if you don’t want to disable, you can easily check the health condition of the battery through Settings Option in your iOS device. This battery checking option will be supported in the iOS gadgets onwards from iPhone 6S. If you find the battery replacement, you can get a new one easily by paying $29.  

Yippie… More Animojis

If you are using iPhone X then you have already enjoyed the animojis while chatting with your friends.  It became quite popular since its launching. By using animojis, you can send the animalified images with emotions. The iPhone X also has the feature of sending the recorded facial expressions and even animoji Karaoke videos. In iOS 11.3 version, the number of animoji has been increased from 12 that will boost the user’s experience. You can enjoy animoji of lion, bear, human skull and dragon. Quite exciting and expressing the chat would be.

new animoji

The iPhone X is leveraged with the A11 Bionic chip and TrueDepth Camera that gives its users a vast experience of capturing 50 versatile facial expressions.

iCloud to free up message space

Previously iCloud for message storage was supposed to launch in iOS 11 version but that didn’t meet the goal. No worries, iPhone iOS 11.3 is now giving its beta developers to use the iCloud for messages, documents or images storing that will free up space from the device. The beta developers have allowed the iOS and macOS devices synchronization so that user can access their data from any device. On deleting the messages and data from any device will delete all data from other synchronized devices too.

Listening experience is Upgraded with AirPlay 2

Wow… good news for music lovers, iOS 11.3 is coming with AirPlay 2 that allows the music listeners to play their favorite long list of songs on several gadgets like iPhone, Apple, iPad and so on at different places in their sweet home by accessing multi-room audio facility. Being a master controller, the music owner can control all devices parallel.

Healthy Feature For Health

As you are conscious to stay fit, Apple to takes care of its users and therefore in its new version 11.3 it facilitates to maintain the health records in its health app. This will help the patients and hospitals too in maintaining the health records.

The hospitals and doctors can keep and update the medical information of the patients without making it hectic as file records.  This feature will be protected through passwords so that no other person can play with patient’s health data. The hospitals can access their patient’s records through a single window.

Quick Business Chat

As people have no time to waste in long conversations, the iOS 11.3 gives a boon of Business Chat platform to have a quick conversation and interaction with their clients and users.

As Facebook has introduced its Facebook Messenger, likewise Apple too is bringing a Business Chat app that allows its users to directly interact with business clients, can fix an appointment or even purchase an item from them.  

Safari 11.1

Apple on its official website has already announced that iOS 11.3 will be introduced with Safari 11.1. This integration will allow the implementation of background script for offline web applications with improved security features.

Yet the story goes on…..

  • No more promotional ads while enjoying music and videos. Apple Music offers its users to play back to back playlists.

  • Apple News will update you on the trending hot topics globally.

  • Apple in its new version will give an authentication software tool named as HomeKit through which developers can add secured authenticated chip to smart devices and gadgets.

  • Last but not the least, Advanced Mobile Location (AML) for European users will be a security feature that will send their current location while they make an emergency call.  

Still, we have to wait for iOS 11.3 launch…

Since Apple has not announced any particular date and time for the most awaited beta version of iOS 11.3 yet software world is expected to use this featured version by March this year( still not sure).

Bottom Words

The App developers are waiting for the launching of next beta version after iOS 11. The beta version iOS 11.3 is leveraged with more enticing features for its developers who will use to enrich the user’s experience of using iOS gadgets. Keep an eagle eye on the launching date as Apple can release its advanced version iOS anytime.

We at Hvantage too keep on updating the app development services for our users to meet with the latest technologies. We are compatible with building all types of app development. From Health app to Music app; from cloud computing to Artificial intelligence, we work on every requirement and needs to serve our clients in the best way. Our techno-savvy team is dedicated to enhancing the user experience of mobile apps.

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