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5 Secure Ways to Protect Your Site in 2018

5 points to keep you safe from cybercrimes

Sometimes when you have logged at any website you might have seen a security warning message or even a message to pay for cybersecurity threatenings from FBI. In actual, FBI even not be aware of such threatenings from its side, actually, these are the hacks of the cybercriminals. In the previous years, the Internet has gone through various malware attacks and virus infections that affect the working of the websites suddenly. Ransomware is too increasing rapidly and affecting the cybersecurity badly. The reports have predicted that this year too is going to face the security threats. Thus cybercriminals and malware are going to have special attention from the site developers and cybersecurity in this year. If you too own your website and reading this post, you might have threatened and panicked. The first question that comes to your mind is- how can you protect your sites from these dangerous malware and infections. No worries, it is genuine. Therefore we are here presenting few preventing flecks for you.

1. Adopt Security Programs

It has surely happened to you that your friend might have asked you to insert his/her pendrive into your computer and you instantly asked that isn’t your pendrive have viruses. In reply, your friend might have asked that don’t you have an antivirus? Yes, this is the case. The preliminary solution for avoiding the virus attacks is working with the anti-virus software. For an added functioning, you must configure an anti-malware also. These safeguard your computer from malware infection as well as remove the malware if any malware affected external device gets attached to your device. The combo of an antivirus and an antimalware software would prevent your computer from the threats of the malware and virus infections.

2. User’s Brain is always important

Configuring the antivirus and antimalware and thinking that you can now browse any malware detected link, you are being too much. Yes, surely antivirus would protect your computer yet anything is not perfect at all and likewise, the security software may too have some flaws. Thus it is the user only who can differentiate between clicking on malevolent URL and safe URL while surfing the Internet. If you click on something malicious, there are chances to get your computer damaged thus be alert while clicking on a new URL. Security software are the second protection, the user is in the first position only. Also, be aware of the free available security software because this software may sometime prove not up to the mark. Thinking to save money might cost you more in terms of damage to your device.

3. VPN is another option

The confidential credentials are important to get secured and while surfing the Internet. There are many websites where you need to provide your personal information and here the threats to security are more. Thus using VPN i.e. Virtual Private Server is always recommended. VPN allows you to surf the URL as anonymous and hides your IP address so that the cybercriminals cannot hack your information and cannot misuse for threatening. But before using VPN, you should know the fact that your VPN service provider must not be fraudulent but it should be trustworthy.  Also, you need not misuse this facility to do unethical works else your VPN service provider will be the first to take you to the jail for committing the cybercrime because if service provider will protect you from the law he would have to face the laws for concealing the cybercriminal under his shelter.

4. Update your computer on regular basis

Make it a habit to update your computer on regular basis and don’t miss it anytime. The Ransomware malware and other malware might affect your computer even from a zero-day exploit. It may sometime happen that your computer get affected by the malicious infections and virus just because your computer could not fight with the new cyber threatenings of Ransomware or other virus and the previous version of software failed to stop the virus to let into your computer. Every computer user must be aware of this and therefore you too.

5. Immediately Disable 3rd Party Plugins

Apart from the zero-day exploit, the third party plugins are also responsible for infecting the security of your computer. You will be amazed to know that Java and Adobe Flash Player are third-party plugins that easily get affected by the Ransomware attack. These two are mostly usable and people use it frequently without being aware of the virus attack on these third-party plugins. Thus cybersecurity experts always suggest disabling the third-party plugins when you don’t use them.


Cyber threatenings and cybercrimes are increasing day by day. With the advancement in technologies, the hackers are too advancing and creating the threats to the cyber system. Thus it is always advisable to be wise and aware of the malware and virus. Be secure and always keep updated your computer with the latest security software.

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