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Striking examples for your content marketing requirements

For beating up today’s tough competition, attractive designs aren’t the only things that you need. Effective content description and the way you reach out to the target audience with your content create a breakthrough difference in the minds of the customer. Selling a lifestyle becomes way better with sneak peeks into better and bigger content. Here, one might wonder that this mantra isn’t something too difficult to know and since everyone can know it, how will my business make a difference. Well, here is where you need to engage your energies towards the outstanding scenarios that others have inculcated and then come up with your own elixir of content marketing ideas.

We bring to you a compilation of such examples that break the stereotypes with the simplest of innovations in their strategies. The major ones in the list are:

  • JackThreads (Blog): What is so special about this blog now? Almost everyone features blogs! This is where JackThreads features prominently many of the articles and best-of lists around the country. It thus becomes your one stop store for the best.
  • Target Awesome Shop (Pinterest): Pinterest has its own unique power and Target has realized it. They have their Target awesome shop, with information about the most popular items on Pinterest. 
  • Benefit Cosmetics (Instagram): Visitors can see for themselves that genuine people have loved the products they desire and are sharing their vivid experiences. Benefit smartly takes advantage of this idea with their inclusion of real-life Instagram photos from satisfied customers. 
  • Burberry Acoustic Series (Music): Hats-off to Burberry’s for utilizing the universal language of music. Not only they entertain users through their music series, but also receive great credibility for their brands.
  • Coach Paps (Shots): Coach utilizes paparazzi-style shots of celebrities using their products in everyday routine gives exponential amount of weight to their brand endorsement.
  • Lane Bryant (Video): Lane Bryant has elegantly put video to work within their detailed product descriptions, showing exactly what the clothes look like while in motion. 
  • Woot (Product Descriptions): Bringing snappy and tangy content always adds to the appeal and this is where Woot has excelled, getting exactly the content that is prevalent amongst their users.

What goes behind these ideas? Some can simply comment... Ideas! We, at Hvantage Technologies, believe in getting state-of-the-art ideas for your business, so as to provide you with the best possible solutions when it comes to content marketing.  

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