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Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business: 7 Tips to know

Instagram! The first word that comes to anyone’s mind hearing that is FUN! Yes, Instagram is indeed the new youth enigma. However, being what it is, isn’t it intelligent to utilize the youth customer base, which not to mention is exceptionally crucial to marketing, for promotions and management! Instagram is all about pictures and videos, which makes it an incredible way to reach out to the customers effectively because users can stumble upon your profile or photos and potentially proceed to your site.

With its super easy interface, Instagram offers one of the best online marketing podiums for promotions. Here is how it can be efficiently exploited:

  • Post amazing pictures of your products: Don’t just follow simply on-the-table or at-the-store pictures. Try innovating and shooting with creativity. Pictures with an oomph factor tend to get noticed way more than anything else.
  • In-context photos are important: Don’t lose out the essence of photography. Staying on point and being extremely clear about the product vision is highly important.
  • Give a personality to the account: Don’t just talk business, engage your customers. Post about daily stuff, ask questions and make sure they know about the fact that you care about them just like friends do.
  • Post constantly: Dormant accounts tend to get lost amongst the million Instagram posts. Hence, it is a required mandate that your customers constantly hear about you. Keep posting about something or the other in the most creative manner.
  • Loyal customers: Giving exclusive giveaways to your loyal customers explains your vision way better than anything else does. Your followers' list is where you would end up finding your most loyal customers.
  • Use hashtags to their optimum: Utilize the power of hashtags in the most efficient way possible. Mentioning important and relevant business partners, as well as potential collaborators through tags, might just seal the deal for you.
  • Post interesting captions: A quote or something too witty to handle should go with your pictures in order to engage intellectuals in your account. Choose your words extremely wisely.

Instagram requires an engaged audience and such can be gained only with the help of creative individuals possessing breakthrough ideas. We, at Hvantage have always believed in dispensing such workforce for your business and this is why we are the best associate to outsource with.

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