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Improve First Call Resolution

Ways to Improve First Call Resolution

In the current outsourcing scenario, efficiently addressing a customer’s needs the first time they call eliminates the option of a follow-up call. This point, no matter how obvious it seems, plays a very intricate role when it comes to BPO centers. The average time expenditure on the calls drives major analysis factors for a call-center. Once the FCR (First Call Resolution) analysis has been properly performed, an improvement upon the existing FCR techniques can be implemented. Now it is very important to understand how the techniques are implemented:

  • Analyze the issues carefully: Post the FCR (First Call Resolution) analysis, it becomes extremely important to conduct a root cause analysis on the calls that weren’t resolved through the first contact. An effective RCA will yield data-driven decision making.
  • Understand customer contact behavior in order to contemplate their needs and requirements: The more you get to know about your customers, the more prepared you will be when it comes to catering to their needs.
  • Smart techniques in order to stand out: Group the customers adhering to their call types, demography, comprehensive history, etc to create better response patterns when specific callers approach.
  • Systematic upgrades: Efficient collation of caller database, smart dispensing of skill-sets, knowledge about the current affair updates, alongside upgraded system automation leads to heavy leaps and bounds in business development.
  • Internal development: Increase in internal system automation, process streamlining, content optimization, as well as agent training, provide a great deal of support when it comes to enhancing FCR.
  • Staff empowerment: It is very important to empower your staff with the right requirements for your business. Train them well and increase motivation in order to realize the common goals. Enhancing internal communication media and dispensing the precise resources at the disposal of working staff ends up making a great deal of difference.

Bringing the best FCR analysis techniques to your table, we, at Hvantage believe in providing all-round solutions to your problems and are always keen on procuring dedicated call-center services at your disposal.



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