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7 Easy Ways to Develop Effective PHP Apps

7 Easy Ways to Develop Effective PHP Apps

PHP scripting might prove to be a crucial pressure point when it comes to web-based app development for a business. Being a server side language, PHP (HyperText Pre-Processor) has been used as a general-purpose programming language for a long time. PHP can be easily integrated with HTML and not just that, it can even generate HTML code. Command Line Interface (CLI), the powerful graphical interface is also efficiently supported by the PHP interface. PHP, being available on major OS platforms, also assists wide ranges of popular database generation.

Since it proves to be such an intricate task, here are a few major practices a well-balanced PHP script can be created:

  • Proper indentation on the documents: Embedding meaningful comments in your codes for future reference of your developers.

  • Coding standards: People working on joint projects need to adhere to uniform coding standards as well as seamless homogeneity.

  • Meaningful nomenclature: It is always sensible to use grammatically correct and sensible nomenclature indicating intended usage of variables.

  • Use longer and well-explained tags: It renders an unprofessional look to use smaller and shortcuts tags.

  • Efficient programming: It could be a debugger’s nightmare to decipher the seemingly endless spools of execution loops.

  • Use single quotes in array indices: PHP interpreters would decipher unquoted strings as constants.

  • Error reporting: Precise and prompt error reporting that throws up critical errors and warnings might go unnoticed. Hence, error reporting needs to be enabled at the early stages.

  • Ensuring DRY:(Do Not Repeat Yourself) techniques implies no redundant code, unlike WET (Write Everything Twice) technique.

The PHP development procedures at Hvantage Technologies bring about the best possible development schedules for your business. Outsourcing with us gets to your table the most relevant technology solutions when it comes to PHP based application development.


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