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Best Practices for Effective PHP Development

Best Practices for Effective PHP Development

PHP scripting might prove to be a crucial pressure point when it comes to web-based app development for a business. Being a server side language, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) has been used as a general-purpose programming language for a long time. PHP can be easily integrated with HTML and not just that, it can even generate HTML code. Command Line Interface (CLI), the powerful graphical interface is also efficiently supported by the PHP interface. PHP, being available on major OS platforms, also assists wide ranges of popular database generation.

Since it proves to be such an intricate task, here are a few major practices a well-balanced PHP script can be created:

  • In the code, phpinfo( ) shouldn’t be written at web root: The file containing this function must be placed in a secure location, never at root, and must be immediately removed once the need for this information is over.

  • Don’t put too much trust on users: Putting too much trust on users gives way to a crucial hold to the hackers in order to implement un-intentional misuse.

  • Avoid extra copy variables: Unnecessarily copying predefined variables into local ones hit severely on the storage efficiency.

  • Leveraging frameworks: It is always an added advantage to utilize the popular frameworks like MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.

  • Integrate IDE and PHP manuals: It provides smooth syntax highlighting, navigation and documentation that can aid in writing less error-prone and more legible code.

  • Utilize OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) concepts: It let's one write reusable, modular, easily debuggable, flexible as well as organized coding.

  • Effective encryption management: Use encryption algorithms for even storing the passwords while utilizing the same in your program.

  • An active presence in PHP developer forums: The best solutions to upgrading one's skills, learning from others would provide better involvement for PHP programmers.

The PHP development procedures at Hvantage Technologies bring about the best possible development schedules for your business. Outsourcing with us gets to your table the most relevant technology solutions when it comes to PHP based application development.

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