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Live Chat Benefits

Live Chat Benefits

A little chat box on your website can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to attracting footfall and managing customer services. Utilizing a live chat feature can take down a lot of effort that goes in responding to business as well as product queries. Live chats thus offer an arsenal of sales service tools reinforcing real time customer management. What exactly is live chat? It can be a simple web service allowing customers to communicate with their service providers and undergo interactions for their FAQs in the sales procedures.

It doesn’t just help to implement live chat option on the websites if it isn’t effectively managed. For that it is important to understand the enhancements that live chats offer to websites and envision them while setting up live chat stations. Here are few points that can be kept in mind:

  • Increase on the conversion and sales rates for the website – Due to prompt responses on concerns and FAQs, live chat increases conversions by as much as 20%

  • Customer satisfaction levels are increased ten folds via live chats – With the application of live chat, a customer is more likely to purchase from the site as compared with the sites following traditional response methods. Having a chat station and someone answering immediate queries doesn’t just promote confidence but also promotes personal relationships between a customer and the service provider.

  • Customer service efficiencies are catapulted exponentially – The easy setting up of chat program with a team of dedicated professionals makes the cost per transaction on chats significantly lower than call centre involvement or social media communities. Also, with chats, one customer service provider can simultaneously interact with multiple customers.

  • Chat analytics can measure up to improve interactions on websites – Reviewing potential concerns can be stimulated via live chat in order to improve customer service. Feedbacks can be analyzed and used in order to make chats much better in future.

  • Building a competitive advantage – Live chats a great deal of more response than other traditional methods (E-mails, Social media etc) offering an advantage over the sites lacking such options.

We, at Hvantage Technologies, believe in getting the best possible chat options for your business and dispensing the most experienced team of professionals to the task. Outsourcing the services with Hvantage thus brings you plethora of advantages over the competition.

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