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Web Development Agencies Versus Freelancers

Web Development Agencies Versus Freelancers

Outsourcing has become the need of the hour when business hierarchy and process streamlining forms an intricate part of the professional framework. When it comes to cut-throat competition within firms competing for attaining advantages these days, various points need to be kept in mind. When deciding upon the fact if web development agencies or freelancers need to be hired for business outsourcing, few aspects have to be accounted for:

  • Hiring freelancers is a much easier and cost efficient affair since agencies work in a more organizational pattern and have various points to ponder upon. Thus, costing much more. However, availability becomes a weakness for the freelancers, when compared to the web development agencies.

  • Organizational structure and accountability form a prime factor in any decision as a whole firm stands responsible for any setback. There might always exist a scenario where a freelancer could render incapable of service (fall ill, have any family emergency, etc). In an agency, there is a combat strategy ready for such a situation and a replacement can be provided.

  • Freelancers have more liberty at working and coming up with innovative strategies in a flat hierarchy for they aren’t bound by a systematic framework. There is always more room for expression and performance in a freelancing outsource.

  • An agency would have a team of developers working together. Relying on one single person during an intricate project might come as a risk for it is a much more difficult to find a substitute. In such a scenario, information transfer would be a tedious task, however, if there were more people were working on the task, they might take over and continue in case of a setback.

  • It has been observed and analyzed that in maximum cases of project management, unorganized communication and lack of an organizational hierarchy formulate the main reasons for non-hire of freelancers.

  • Price determination for freelancers is a comparatively difficult task. Freelance developers are available around the world in the scenarios exist like $10-20/hour (India, South-East Asia, and Pakistan), $20-$60/hour (Eastern Europe) and $150-200/hour (UK, US, and Western Europe)

For a small business, it is beneficial to start with freelancers at first and gradually hire agencies in future for the same. Simple and creative tasks are always done better by freelancers, however, intricacies require a more professional and organized approach. We, at Hvantage Technologies, understand your requirements and designate appropriate workforce at your disposal so that you make the most of your investment.

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