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How to Enhance Customer Service??

How to Enhance Customer Service??

If we go by the US online retail forecast by Forrester Research, approximately 15% more consumers will shop online and would end up spending way more. Now, with such dynamics in the picture, E-Commerce companies better be prepared to combat the imminent challenges.

What stands as the major issue when it comes to the E-commerce websites? Now, the answer is quite simple. Understanding the delivery and return policies required by the customers, self-service options, dedicated online support, as well as keeping it reliable and personalized at the same time, are some of the key points that need to be taken care of in order to retain their customers.

It becomes almost mandatory to not just address customer queries but to address them immediately. Email-responses within 24 hours are something that consumers looked out for earlier. It has currently gone down to 3-4 hours at maximum. It is estimated that getting responses within an hour would soon become the need of the hour.

Now, it becomes almost next to impossible to handle an inflow of almost 2000-3000 emails per day from the customers, especially during sales and discount periods. It is suggested that a software takes care of these for you and organizes your mailbox the right way according to the priorities. From the plethora of software available at your disposal, you need to look out for something that automates your mailbox and enhances the functionalities.

We, at Hvantage Technologies, specialize in just that! Customer satisfaction is something that matters to us the most as we can’t afford to upset a customer due to petty hassles in the system. We try maintaining smart options that automatically reply to the customers while also providing them with complete information about everything so that they have everything at their disposal and don’t email about general queries.

We also bring in the Magento Integration for you to resolve your issues to connect the billing and shipping information of your customers from Magento to your retail store payment, making it a whole lot easier. We, at Hvantage, make it sure to keep upgrading with more such options for streamlining your business.

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