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Evaluating Your Customer Service Strategy for Maximized Profitability!

Evaluating Your Customer Service Strategy for Maximized Profitability!

It is pretty evident in today’s scenario that web stores require customer dedicated services in order to expand their business and gain an edge over their contemporary competitors. Having a customer service strategy in place doesn’t do the deal for your E-commerce store management if the strategy doesn’t get implemented efficiently. Here’s how you can evaluate if the strategy is working out fine for your E-commerce service or not:

  • Measure your customer churn – Customer churn can easily indicate customer disloyalty and explain if your store is kindling your regular customers.

  • Utilize channels – It is important to dedicate your energies and resources to the social channel that has been used by the customers frequently according to your statistics.

  • Response time – Keep a clear track of your response time towards customer queries and make sure if they are on point. Your executives need to be trained properly in order to minimise the response time.

  • Evaluate resolution rates – Measure surely that your first contact resolution rates and forward resolution rates to understand how well your firm applies information to improve upon your E-commerce store management. If a recurring problem is prevented from occurring, your scales are pretty high then.

  • Track customer effort – Track your customer effort score. It is a general tendency that the more efforts a customer puts into the experience, the less loyal he/she is.

  • Rep Knowledge – It is always advantageous for your store to have customer service reps on board. It could get even better if you could take feedbacks from your customers as to how these reps handled them.

  • The cost to resolution – Track the costs involved in handling customer issues and measure how much resources are being spent on the same.

  • Net promoter score – Ask the customer if they are likely to recommend your store to others. An honest answer to this provides a clear insight into your customer satisfaction levels.

​​When applied efficiently, these statistics chart out how well are your customer service strategies in place and help you improvise or optimize upon the same accordingly. Outsourcing the customer strategies with Hvantage Technologies not just provides you with an efficiently implemented customer service strategy, but also delivers expected results well enough for you to stand out.


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