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Key Needs For Organizations Embracing Cloud Computing

Key Needs For Organizations Embracing Cloud Computing

It was not easy for people to switch enterprise data from on premise to a virtual platform when cloud computing came into existence. Most enterprises and enterprise users could not trust the virtual system to share their sensitive and important information about their business, that’s why cloud computing has been working on one major concern of security.

Cloud Computing has changed the whole world. Cloud computing is providing computing resources as a service like a utility. Having the capacity to share data and programming through the internet is an astounding approach to contact individuals through the customary postal mail or phone. It is all about how you do computing not where you do computing.

Below are the Key priorities for business adopting cloud computing:

SECURITY- of course, cloud computing keeps your data secure. It exhibits remarkable potential to provide cost effective, easy to manage and powerful resources on the fly, over the internet. But for maintaining complete security. However, the service provided by the third party cloud service providers entail additional security threats. By the escalation of mobile technology in the world, data security has become more complex. In industries, like oil sector and healthcare, data security has much more levels and need to be careful in. As per US market survey, among all the corporate priorities, IT sector and cloud computing shared top position.

SHIFTING BUSINESS TASK TO THE CLOUD- All what cloud computing aim is to shift, an enterprise, all the business related task to cloud computing, and an enterprise to prefer tailor to cloud services to suit their own operations. Then the demand for Platform as a Service (PaaS) will be increased by vendors of the enterprise.

EXPERIMENTING WITH A CONTAINER STRATEGY- A container is a lightweight, stand-alone, executable package of a piece of software that includes everything needed to run it: Code, Runtime, System tools, system libraries, and settings. Container based virtualization gives your ability to run the guest machine as close as a virtual machine without the need of separate kernel and hardware simulation.

In containers, you don’t need hardware virtualization module i.e. Intel VT or AMD-V. Simply install the Open-VZ/LXC/Docker Packages, Reboot and create VMS. There is no specific hardware required and you can even run it on a Virtual Box.

CLOUD BROKERAGE STRATEGY- A cloud broker is a third-party individual or business that acts as an intermediary between the purchaser of a cloud computing service and the sellers of that service. All the enterprise user will become cloud broker and vendors will have to find the respective cloud broker to champion the provisioning of cloud services.

EXPLORING A HYBRID CLOUD ENVIRONMENT- The hybrid cloud is a combination between the on premise data centers and the "Public Cloud". Hybrid Cloud Deployments enables businesses to enjoy the benefits of the private cloud, which consists of on-premises solutions that yield increased control and, arguably, security, along with the advantages of moving workloads to the public cloud, and with that, taking full advantage of its scale potential and agility.

PROVING ROI- The ability to calculate the ROI of cloud computing is not a simple exercise, as most people would prefer to think. In order to truly understand the business value when adopting cloud computing, we require a complex and dynamic analysis.

Before calculating the ROI, companies must baseline the cost of their existing applications and determine the suitability of current applications for cloud migration. The best way to do that is by conducting a cloud assessment. It is important to understand how the overall ROI can be achieved even when spending more upfront. And only after the cloud assessment is done the ROI of moving to the cloud can be calculated.

CLOUD PORTFOLIO EXPANSION- For small accounts, processing power is not a big concern, but big accounts do need that too. So in case the org slowly makes a big portfolio of products and has to account all of them and then draw insights on these details, it will need to set up and expand on a lot of local IT and infrastructure.

With cloud services and their fast paced development of integrated services, the above problems can be solved with just a few clicks. You need replication of your data, 3 copies done, 5 copies done, 100 copies done with no impact on performance. You can scale the processing on these accounts on demand. The plus point is analytics, it is just a matter of few clicks and pointing the service to your database and you can see all the graphs and trends appear in front of you

NEW CLOUD SERVICES-  Having said this, there are a few trends that are clear: what is cloud and what is not cloud will get blurrier. Dedicated infrastructure will be available via an API, on demand, billed on the day or the hour maybe. Virtualization vendors are adding more cloud-like features to their clouds. Hybrid clouds are the future: a combination of cloud and dedicated, virtual and physical, on premise and off-premise, owned and leased - technology will break the barriers and will let businesses make decisions based on economics.  SaaS will continue to grow for generalized applications, IaaS will continue to grow and my personal prediction is that PaaS will continue to be a niche until it gets merged into IaaS as private PaaS platforms and standardized containers.

At Hvantage Technologies, We provide a complete end to domain-specific business course solutions that support Banking and Financial Services organizations to concentrate on their fundamental financial service area experiences. Reliable and secluded systems which detail market variations rapidly, develop cost-effective client relations and hold innovative opportunities to lead the competition. Our Cloud Infrastructure & Development team includes a group of experts equipped with the knowledge, experience, vertical industry depth and tools to help maintain your business’s critical applications. Maximize ROI by paying a fraction of the cost for a team of global experts. We provide expert administration services for the application we customize.

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