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Secrets To A Successful Outsourcing Relationship

Secrets To A Successful Outsourcing Relationship

Nowadays a lot of company are interested in outsourcing. Outsourcing has become an acceptable and dependable part of CIO’s toolkit. Today’s outsourced work tends to be straightforward, repeatable process like an application, maintenance or support. A part of outsourcing says that if a work can be done outside better than inside then we should do it outside. By outsourcing, you not only save money but you save time too.

If the idea of outsourcing is also striking your mind, the following are few steps to help you to kick off:

  • Choose a service/product- Handpick the service/product you are willing to outsource. The product either should has demanded of more labor or should have lengthy process. These long cycled service/product’s will be ideal for outsourcing as outsourcing of a long cycle process service/product will help the company to save the time and efforts resulting in the shorter delivery cycle. Avoid outsourcing at any area of your business, that can create a direct impact on your customers.

  • Ask for a free trial- After choosing your outsourcing partner, ask your offshore partner to give you a free trial to help you better to understand the level of quality of your offshore partner will provide you. This is will help you to know and understand whether the product you are planning to outsource are worthy or not. During this process, make your offshore provider aware with all of your requirements, the quality standards and all those things you expect and exact way in which you want your work to be carried out. At the end of this free trial, you will be able to learn the quality of standard your offshore will provide you.

  • Find a new vendor- In the case, the quality of work provided by your outsourcing partner does not match the quality of the work of your requirement, you can search for another outsourcing partner who can meet your requirements. You will find a lot of outsourcing partners, you can choose any one from them.

  • Continue with the selected partner- On the other note, if the quality of work provided by the outsourcing partner matched with the quality of work you required, you can continue to move with the selected outsourcing partner. Choose a transfer data format that is feasible for both of you. Even sharing a file through a secure FTP is a good idea. 

  • Discuss the requirement-  Clinch the price, turnaround time and clear all another necessary requirement to your outsourcing partner.

There are some sought of questions listed down to make outsourcing work for you:

  1. What services do you provide?
    Many time it happens that your offshore provider promises you to fulfill all of your requirement and to provide you all kind of activities but at the end, they lack to do so. It is important for you to know that the chosen provider has required skills and expertise to complete the task or not. So, it is better to ask at first the services provided by them to identify whether the provider is feasible for you or not.
  2. Can you tell me something about your infrastructure?
    Infrastructure is a very important part of outsourcing. If the environment provided is feasible and remote in nature will gradually and definitely speed up the working of the project. Check whether the provider is communicating quickly and flawlessly if the provider has quick and efficient communication skills and is easily able to connect with you and understand your talks then the provider will be able to complete the task and meet your requirement of quality of standard.
  3. What is the cost of the service?
    By this question you can come to what your provider expect you to pay in the exchange of services or product vendor is providing. This will also help you to compare the initial cost required during completing the task in local condition and total cost required if it is outsourced.
  4. Security and measures available in that place?
    Security is a very important aspect for a new outsourcer. Security has been the main reason for the failure of many of outsourcing deals. You always need to keep an eye on on the risk associated with the involvement of risk in outsourcing services, especially then when you are dealing with sensitive information in your outsourcing assignment, to prevent them to fall in wrong hands. It will be better if you ask all the details regarding safety during outsourcing.

These steps will for sure help you to built up a good outsourcing relationship with an offshore vendor.

At Hvantage Technologies Inc., we have a good development team who possess technological skills, hands on one technology and proper knowledge of the business domain. In addition, we provide an effective and reliable approach to others clients and businesses for dedicated IT outsourcing.Moreover, we are having great developers who analysis requirements and needs of our businesses and clients. We believe in building quality products and stand behind our works with utmost integrity.

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